White Eagle and Grandmother Drum, Sea of Galilee, Israel

White Eagle and Grandmother Drum, Sea of Galilee, Israel

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LOW QUALITY VIEWING - HIGHER RESOLUTION NOW AVAILABLE.Israelis play the seven-foot, crystal inlaid Grandmother Drum opening the portal at the Sea of Galilee, Israel where seven ancient underground springs meet.

This ceremony for love and thanks to water was held June 5-6, 2009 as part of Grandmother Drums three month LIVE WATER ISRAEL TOUR leading up to the LIVE H20 Concert for the Living Waters weekend June 19-21, 2009.

Drum, Pray and Chant with Live H20 June 21, 2009 with over thirty venues worldwide as Grandmother Drum sends the Heartbeat of Love Drum Wave into the earths waters from the Holy City of Jerusalem.

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