The Pandemic, Masks, Vaccines, Lockdowns - Truth From Frontline Doctor, Lee Merritt, M. D.

The "Pandemic," Masks, Vaccines, Lockdowns - Truth From Frontline Doctor, Lee Merritt, M. D.

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The "Pandemic," Masks, Vaccines, Lockdowns - Truth From Frontline Doctor, Lee Merritt, M. D. | Richard Sacks

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 3/28/21

Listen online:

I first learned of America's Frontline Doctors when I saw a video of these courageous health professionals ( giving an incredible presentation on the steps of the Supreme Court last summer ( in Washington D.C. They were there to risk their jobs, their reputations and their lives, to tell the truth about the "pandemic" being used as an excuse to shut down national economies, remove unalienable personal rights and freedoms, and ultimately usher in forced vaccination. It was fitting that this presentation was given in the United States, the only country I am aware of whose founders wrote into the country's original documents that our Natural Rights come from God, not from government, and that we all have them whether government recognizes them or not.

Declaring an "emergency" does not allow government (or unelected health authorities) to violate our rights. That's what it means that those Natural Rights are "unalienable." If simple declaration of an "emergency" was really grounds for taking away freedom of speech, freedom of travel, freedom to earn a living, freedom to have and carry firearms for self-defense, and all the other rights we possess whether written in documents or not, then those rights would actually exist only in our imaginations.

Evidently our rulers concluded that we no longer even remembered what Natural Rights are, and that we were ready to follow even the most ridiculous of orders, out of fear and a complete lack of common sense. At this stage, at least speaking of the majority of the population, the rulers were correct in their assessment. So they orchestrated a manufactured pandemic (announced beforehand at Event 201), using a virus manufactured in an illegal U.S. bioweapons lab ( The virus did become less dangerous fairly quickly, but our corrupt medical authorities dealt with that by manufacturing "case" and death numbers by fraud, even hiding the existence of cheap, safe, effective remedies, for those people who did actually get sick.

This Sunday, you have a chance to hear from one of America's Frontline Doctors directly in spontaneous live conversation, Lee Merritt, M.D. ( She'll be talking about masks, lockdowns, vaccines and a massively coordinated fraud, designed to destroy sovereign countries, ruin economies, enslave and kill people worldwide. It's a crime so big, most people can't imagine it, and so don't even know it's happening. Learn from Dr. Merritt this Sunday. The more knowledge you have, the more options you will have to help you get through this coordinated attack. We don't have to be victims.

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Richard Sacks, Host


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