Connect the Dots with Shay Danon (כתוביות אוטו')

Connect the Dots with Shay Danon (כתוביות אוטו')

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Connect the Dots with Shay Danon

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 I am pleased to introduce Shay Danon to our audience. Shay is a perfect fit to my "creatives doing meaningful work in Israel" . He is a "truther" , a musician, a teacher and a lecturer, He has a podcast, filled with information about flouride, 5g, the illuminati, environmental health and he used to organize huge events to showcase and introduce all of his knowledge to masses. He has been researching the secrets of our world for many years and has come to many of the same conclusions as those who are willing to dive deep down the rabbit hole. He covers a lot of information which many people shy away from. Shay's message today is for all of us to remember our humanity and take it with us where ever we go and let us take action with that as our foundation

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