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Kary Mullis PCR and AIDS Activists PART 1

Kary Mullis PCR and AIDS Activists PART 1

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Everything happening now has been planned long ago. Re-uploading to remind others, they have used PCR in the past with the AIDS fear propaganda. Part 2:
Corporate Greed And Aids Santa Monica 12 July 1997 with Nobel Prize recipient Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR Test, plus Sean Current, Paul Philpott, & Christine Maggiore.
"the PCR test is a process that it's used to make a lot of something out of something, it DOESN'T tell you that you are sick, it doesn't tell you that the thing you've ended up with it really was gonna hurt you"
Corporate Greed & AIDS Part 1:
Corporate Greed & AIDS Part 2:


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