S.S. Securitas Suisse - The Illuminati Police (a private busineSS)

S.S. Securitas Suisse - The Illuminati Police (a private busineSS)

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The S.S. is a dangerous organisation beyond any control, who transport prisoners, thus spreading the swiss hatred towards foreigners, and they even have a privatised secret service called the CI . . . "A" - almost. The name is CI"S" or Crime Investigation Services, where unqualified personal is taking over police work - all in the name of big business and total control out of reach of the people; as the all seeing eye in their logo openly suggests. Mr Philip von Fuchs from the CI"S" is their expert liar in spreading fantasies on targets; the guy is a descendant of the Bismarck bloodlines. Think of swiss crimes revealed by Peter Odintsov and these legally armed S.S. For more watch The Pharaoh Show.

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