Part 1: War Makers use Hate Speech Tool to Silence the Peace Makers

Part 1: War Makers use "Hate Speech Tool" to Silence the Peace Makers

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PLEASE DOWNLOAD IMMEDIATELY AND REUPLOAD AND SPREAD, because the pinklistkillers and the J-walkers will try to censor immediately; also use other titles together with this title. LINKS:
Alice in Weidelland down the rabbit hole: There was this pinklistkiller French serial killer called Sergeant-Major Pierre Chanal, who was a decorated Commando war hero; a real tough soldier who enjoyed tough masculin sex by raping young male hitchhikers and then see them die. Investigators believe that Pierre Chanal, 52 - a commando-trained fitness fanatic described by comrades as "an archetypal warrior and man of steel" - murdered eight young men in the 1980s. The eight vanished in or near an area of France dubbed the "triangle of death". Seven of the bodies have never been found.
Video Pierre Chanal Triangle of Death:


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