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The Sun Fade Out 4K

The Sun Fade Out 4K

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Here is the unedited raw 4K video in real time. https://youtu.be/cg6CCLBZV0c

There is no more evidence needed to understand that the earth is not spinning. You are told that you are on a spinning ball and you are falling over backwards faster than the speed of sound which makes the sun appear to set. This is nonsense told to you by the high priests of scientism. They want you to give up your god given senses and believe their non sense.

When you can view the sun on a super clear, low humidity day from an altitude higher than anything in line with the camera and sun, you can witness, "The Sun Fade Out". From that vantage point and under those conditions you will see that the sun stops its apparent drop and just sits there for over 10 minutes until its light can no longer push through the thick atmosphere and reach you.

This video is NOT about the size of the sun but rather its path and how it does NOT set. Don't comment saying I should have used a real solar filter because I have dine that and it blocked out the entire sun when it is this far away. There is a video in this playlist that shows that attempt. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEzivhxtxgbs-VlztQ7VskQCqABgf7zJo

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